Alpine Convention - People, Books and Mountains

a documentary co-produced with verena örley on the topic of alpine literature

a portrait of 4 authors from france, slovenia, italy and austria embedded in an event documentary

prod: verena oerley, stefan kroesbahcer
dir, cam, edit: stefan krösbacher
soundrecording: simone pischl
additional camera: alban egger (roundtable), sören meyer (berlin), simone bracchi (sondrio)

Mother's Cake - Off The Beaten Track

Mother's Cake | Off The Beaten Track (Live at Propolis 2014) a musicfilm shot during a live-recording of a 42min set played by Mother's Cake. Yves Krismer (Vocals, Guitar), Benedict Trenkwalder (Bass), Jan Haußels (Drums) feat.Heidi Erler (Vocals), Andreas Andalog Tentschert (Keys) & Charly Mair (Percussions) © Mother's Cake and GAB Music, 2014

Director/DOP/Edit/Color Stefan Krösbacher, Additional cameras: Engelbert Obex, Matthias Lindner. Audio recorded and produced by Michael Reisigl @ Kulturcafé Propolis.

Verrant - Running

a short film i DOP'd, edited and finalized for Director/Writer Joseph Holzknecht.

Edwin is an underling of a sporting goods retail chain, who himself puts pressure on his employees. after a string of nightmares he swallows apiece of soap instead of his cheese being stressed out in the morning. thereafter his ordeal begins, moraly confronting him with his inner self, and finally bringing him to rethink. luckily for him nurse Katherine steps into his life - but he is in for a surprise...

Manu Delago - Manuscripts

a documentary on the austrian musician Manu Delago, shot during his preparations for his concert with the LSO at St. Lukes, London. Shot with Sony PMW-F3 and Canon C300.

Eine Dokumentation über den Musiker Manu Delago, aufgenommen während der Vorbereitungen zu seinem Konzert mit dem London Symphony Orchestra in St. Lukes, London.

Prod/Dir: Stefan Krösbacher, Cam: Stefan Krösbacher, Alban Egger, Edit/Color/VFX: Stefan Krösbacher

Living Room - Life in rooms

1 hang, 1 bassclarinett, 7 concerts all over austria, 7 songs on one dvd… this is a dvd project for the upcoming “living room” CD, a trip through austria and various small locations. fans provided the locations where 7 tracks were recorded for the dvd including interviews with the band to provide an insight this wonderful duett… this is the trailer for the dvd included with the album.

1 Hang, 1 Bassklarinette, 7 Konzerte in 7 verschiedenen Wohnzimmern in Östereich. Dies waren die Vorgaben für die DVD

1810 - für eine handvoll Kaspressknödl

a movie by the Comedy-Duo “Die Schienentröster” who wrote a Script about the fight for freedom of Andreas Hofer and his people in 1809 - but as a comedy… Starting with virtually no money, over 8000 people were drawn into austrian cinemas, and the national broadcaster ORF bought the film for TV distribution. My part was Camera, Edit, Grade, Animate, Plan and Direct the Movie together with them.

Ein Kinofilm des tiroler Comedy Duos “Die Schienentröster” über den Tiroler Freiheitskampf unter Andreas Hofer. Ohne finanzielle Mittel als “Lernprojekt” gestartet, kamen 8000 Besucher in die österreichischen Kinos, und der ORF kaufte den Film für die TV-Verwertung. Meine Aufgaben waren Kamera, Schnitt, Color Grading, VFX, und CO-Regie.