Anoushka Shankar - Guru Jogeshwari

a very intimate Musicvideo i produced for lovely Anoushka Shankar

Anoushka Shankar - Celebration

a musicvideo i shot and produced for Anoushka Shankar

Manu Delago - Drumheart

Produced by  Manu Delago & Tom Tanzer

Concept by  Manu Delago, Anil Sebastian, Stefan Krösbacher & Tom Tanzer

Director, DOP, Editor & Gaffer  Stefan Krösbacher

Dance Choreography  Emmanuelle Vinh

Sebastiàn Collado Gonzàlez
Eva Müller
Olga Swietlicka
Emmanuelle Vinh

Production Manager
Tom Tanzer

Technical Manager
Florian Weisleitner

Technical Assistant
Anna Sophia Egger

Mother's Cake - Off The Beaten Track

Mother's Cake | Off The Beaten Track (Live at Propolis 2014) a musicfilm shot during a live-recording of a 42min set played by Mother's Cake. Yves Krismer (Vocals, Guitar), Benedict Trenkwalder (Bass), Jan Haußels (Drums) feat.Heidi Erler (Vocals), Andreas Andalog Tentschert (Keys) & Charly Mair (Percussions) © Mother's Cake and GAB Music, 2014

Director/DOP/Edit/Color Stefan Krösbacher, Additional cameras: Engelbert Obex, Matthias Lindner. Audio recorded and produced by Michael Reisigl @ Kulturcafé Propolis.

Manu Delago Handmade

a EPK for Manu Delago Handmade feat special guests recorded live at Treibhaus, Innsbruck 2014

director, camera, edit: stefan krösbacher, additional cammera: matthias lindner, engelbert obex

Anoushka Shankar - Lasya

3 Artists, 1 Song, 1 LivingRoom

This describes the Idea behind the new Musicvideo directed by Stefan Krösbacher for
Anoushka Shankar’s Lasya from her upcoming new Album.

The Intention was not to shoot a glossy, highly aritstic video, but rather show the
three musicians work together with this unique selection of Instruments.

Portraying the artists performing Lasya live, their chemistry and friendship,
their way of living music together and giving a glimpse into the life behind the stage
this video is a looking glass into the world of sound of these outstanding musicians.
(or: looking glass into Anoushka Shankar's world of sound.)

The Session was recorded and filmed live near Old Street in London, featuring Anoushka Shankar,
Pirashanna Thevarajah and Manu Delago in an extraordinary living room.

Filmed, directed and edited by Stefan Krösbacher
Sound Recording and Mastering by Julian Hepple

Manu Delago - Manuscripts

a documentary on the austrian musician Manu Delago, shot during his preparations for his concert with the LSO at St. Lukes, London. Shot with Sony PMW-F3 and Canon C300.

Eine Dokumentation über den Musiker Manu Delago, aufgenommen während der Vorbereitungen zu seinem Konzert mit dem London Symphony Orchestra in St. Lukes, London.

Prod/Dir: Stefan Krösbacher, Cam: Stefan Krösbacher, Alban Egger, Edit/Color/VFX: Stefan Krösbacher

Mothers Cake - Soul Prison

a musicvideo for the breakthrough artist “Mother’s Cake”. Shot during two days in an old factory building where we could prep different rooms according to our visions.

Ein Musikvideo für die Band ”Mother’s Cake”. Gedreht während 2 Tagen in einer aufgelassenen Fabrik, in der wir unsere Visionen umsetzen konnten.

Manu Delago feat LSO Strings

a music-documentary plus live performance. This project covers the lead up to Manu Delago deat. LSO Strings in March 2012 at LSO St. Luke’s, London. In addition to the coverage of the 20min piece “Concertino Grosso” as a Muliticamera Project, i produced a 26min documentary on Manu Delago and his works leading up to the performance giving a thorough insight into his works.

Eine Musikdokumentation und Live-Mitschnitt der Aufführung des Stücks “Concertino Grosso” von Manu Delago feat. London Symphony Orchestra Strings in LSO St. Luke’s, London im März 2012. Zusätzlich zu dem Konzert gibt die 26min Dokumentation einen Einblick in die Arbeitsweise und das Werken von Manu Delago.

Producer: Stefan Krösbacher, Camera: Stefan Krösbacher, Alban Egger, Editor: Stefan Krösbacher, available on Itunes or

Panergy @ Melkalm

a musicvideo for the tyrolean steeldrum orchestra panergy, shot at the melkalm near telfs, tyrol.

Ein Musikvideo für Tirol's einziges Steeldrum Orchestra Panergy, gedreht an einem schönen Sommertag auf der Melkalm, Telfs...

Living Room in London CD Trailer

a trailer for the formation

Living Room - Life in rooms

1 hang, 1 bassclarinett, 7 concerts all over austria, 7 songs on one dvd… this is a dvd project for the upcoming “living room” CD, a trip through austria and various small locations. fans provided the locations where 7 tracks were recorded for the dvd including interviews with the band to provide an insight this wonderful duett… this is the trailer for the dvd included with the album.

1 Hang, 1 Bassklarinette, 7 Konzerte in 7 verschiedenen Wohnzimmern in Östereich. Dies waren die Vorgaben für die DVD

Mother's Cake - nobody live

​a music video for Mother’s Cake

Panergy - easy does it

​a live music video for tyroean steel drum band “Panergy”. redorded live at Treibhaus, Innsbruck

Ein Musicvideo aus einer Serie von 3 für das Tiroler Steeldrum Orchester Panergy, aufgenommen Live im Treibhaus, Innsbruck.

Handmade - Album Trailer

​a trailer for Manu Delago’s Project “Handmade” promoting their Album release.

Musik Promo für Manu Delago’s Projekt “Handmade” zu deren Album release in 2011.


Mother's Cake - Promo

​a Promo Video for the band ” Mother’s Cake” shot at the P.M.K, Innsbruck to promote their upcoming first album.

Ein EPK Video für die Band Mother's Cake. Gedreht Live im P.M.K. in Innsbruck dient dieses Video als Promo für deren erstes Album.

Mother's Cake - night and day

Mother’s Cake - night and day

live at the p.m.k. Innsbruck

filmed and edited in 2011

Living Room In London Live

Living Room in London, Live at LSO St. Luke’s, London 24.10.2010, Christoph Pepe Auer (bass clarinet, sax), Manu Delago (hang), Ellie Fagg (violin), Tom Norris (violin, vocals), Gregor Riddell (cello). 

EIn Promo-Zusammenschnit für Living Room in London.

Filmed by Jacopo Miceli & Nobby Clark Recorded & mixed by Rob Lewis Edited by krost-audiovisual, Stefan Kroesbacher

Manu Delago - Adventions 2009

manuel delago, one of the world’s best hang players gave a concert in innsbruck on devcember 13th 2009. my friends alban egger and harry putz helped me shooting this concert, trying out the new canon 7d. main camera was a sony ex1, left and right the 7d.

Ein Mitschnitt des Adventions-Concert von Manu Delago and friends. Gedreht im Dezember 2009 mit Hilfe meiner Freunde Alban Egger und Harry Putz. 

enfantsonic - promo video

​a music promo for the british/french band “enfantsonic” shot in london, 2007

ein Musikpromo für die britisch/französische Band “enfantsonic” gedreht in London, 2007

Manu Delago - two handsful of sound

​Musicvideo for Manu Delago. Shot in the Studio while recording the different tracks that build up to form this amazing piece of music.

Musikvideo für Manu Delago. Gedreht während der Aufnahme der verschiedenen Einzelspuren, die den Track ausmachen.